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Riding into Spring

I can’t believe we are rolling at speed into the spring time, not a moment to soon after a damp and cold winter. As you all know I am supporting a good freinds charity this year by cycling 115 miles to raise awareness of the importance of support after the death of a loved one.  In particular sudden death and death of a child.  For more information please visit

Some very important things I’ve discovered whilst training:

  •  Padded shorts are not a fashion accessory they’re really needed!
  • My joints are not as young as they used to be so radox baths also essential!,
  • Cyclist do not stick close to the curb as that is where all the pot holes/drains and broken glass tends to be.
  • Flies do not taste nice
  • Good idea to get sunglasses as when the sun decides to shine you do not have a handy Visor on an bike!
  • I have more determinantion than I thought.
  • when my legs ache and my body screams no more my heart and passion take over to help me finish.

I promise no business/cycling cliche, but cycling is hard at times, enjoyable at times and the sense of achievement when you finish a course is huge and if I finish in Taunton last, battered & bruised it doen’t matter because I give it my all.

So whatever you do give it your all, be passionate and live with as little regret as possible.

Please sponser me just a little bit  – to nick the superstore line ‘every little helps’!!!

Will keep you updated on my progress.




<a href="JustGiving - Sponsor me now!” title=”Wickets & Wheels 2014″>Wickets & Wheels 2014

I am cycling 110miles from Miskin to Taunton over the 30th and 31st May this year.

I am raising money for the charity which is a charity very close to my heart. I would be grateful if you could spare some loose change to make big changes in the lives over others affected by sudden loss. Thank you.