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It has been 5 weeks since the BIG Challenge of cycling 115 miles from Miskin to Taunton for 2 Wish Upon a Star. A huge thank you to everyone who sponsered me, the overall amount raised will be announced in August and I will let you know as soon as I do.

As predicted I fell off, not just once but 4 times and at 0mph! much to the amusement of some! But my burised and battered legs got me to the end. Over the two days the feeling of belonging, family, community and friendship was overwhelming. I spoke to people from all walks of life, with massive links or no links to the charity but all with an aim to raise awareness not only of services or materials that are needed, but more importantly how fragile life is, how quick it can change, and how we might someday need someone/anyone to smile or hold our hand a while.

Along this route over the two days 193 cyclists and the unknown quantity of support riders/organisers/pit stop helpers etc etc echoed how along lifes way we need people, even if its just for a short time, but in that short time that person can be a deciding factor as to wether you give up or not.

If you needed a drink or a biscuit –  there was someone there.

If you needed a little push up that hill – there was someone there.

When I fell off my bike – there was someone there to help me back on.

If a push up the hill wasn’t enough – there was someone (or a van in this case!!) to carry it and you.

When you finished sections of the course – there were people there smiling, clapping, cheering you.

When on the last hill of the 120 miles your legs wanted to stop – there was someone beside you whispering words of encouragement in your ear to get you to your goal.


My point is this was more than a cycle ride for every person involved, it will have changed lives forever. So now as we go about our day to day and that little word of encouragement you give to someone, or carrying that heavy load for a while, or smiling at them for that instant maybe enough to help them reach their goal. We are part of such a big picture we will never see or understand lets try and make each day count as none of us are promised tomorrow xx

To everyone in Wickets and Wheels 2014 thank you for an amazing event – see you next year 😉

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