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Change can be good x

Where do I start so much change since my last update.

Firstly I am a year older which is happening far to often for my liking now!!! Why does this speed up when your older when all you want is for it to slow down. 😦

As we get to the end of spring the months of growth/ change and new beginings I am forever amazed how life takes you down roads you could never have mapped out yourself. Over the 2 years Cyfoes has been running I have met some amazing people a few of which have become more of a permanent fixture in my life of late.

Firstly the ongoing support from my clients by recommending our services to friends and family is always amazing, thank you very much. As a small recognition of this were are giving you £10 off a treatment for recommending a friend. Please tell them to mention your name when they arrive for their treatment.

Cyfoes is also proud to announce the launch of its app. Keep updated with opening times, special offers and a loyalty scheme. Free to down load please visit

Also I am now 11 Days!!! Away from my 115 (i’m told its more like 120) mile ride from Miskin to Tauton called Wickets & Wheels, for an amazing charity 2 Wish Upon A Star. The founder of this charity came into my life 2 years ago when I was part of a team looking after her sick son. Unfortunately George died that evening but I would never have imagined that I would become strong friends with and a supporter of Rhian Burke and her charity. As a result Cyfoes not only supports the charity by involving ourselfs in fundraising events but we are  now sharing office space. How things change.

So please there’s pleanty of practise rides going in for the big day and I’ve even bought cycle shoes and clips!! I will fall off I’m sure so to make the bruises worth while please throw a few pennies in the fund raising pot. If you are still unfamiliar with this charity and its aims please visit My just giving page is

I have also met the wonderful girls of The Well Being Centre. Apart from being really skilled at what they do they are also amazing people and have become great friends, we are now able to offer all their services at our clinic in Talbot Green. For a full list of treatments please visit thier facebook page ‘Well being centre’ (logo is a bee 😉  ) – massage/ reflexology/ hot stones etc

So lives have been changed in the past 2 years sometimes in the most painful of ways, but life is showing us there is a future, friendships are being made and positive change will happen.

Thank you  2 small words that mean so much….Thank you to everyone who is supporting me, Cyfoes and all that we are passionate about xx

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New Year

Wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year.

I know you’ all probablly fed up of that by now as it is a full 2 weeks since the event but none the less it is still a New Year and sometimes I think it’s good to keep reminding ourselves of that. A new year just to walk away from things you might have regretted or would prefer to not remember from the previous year, but also a time of fresh……..Everything! fresh chances to get right what we failed at last time, fresh challenges because life loves to throw a few of them at us! Time to take a deep breath have a look around and take stock. Recognise our failings and achievements and plan our goals for the next 12 months. I’ve decided if I don’t write lists of where I want to go, or what I want to do or achieve; life just passes me by and yes I’m approaching 40 and now there is a possibilty that I have now lived longer than I have left to live.   So in the years remaining I must spend my time doing what is important, what makes memories, what makes me glad that I am living not just alive.

So dates to watch out for in 2014 so far:

*****January 2014 Cyfoes Healthcare is now working alongside Smile Dental in Mermaid Quay Cardiff Bay. This is a wonderful oppertunity for us to take our business into Cardiff, and we are very grateful to them for giving us the oppertunity to work out of the premises. If you are interested in visiting us at our clinic there as it is more convenient please call 20920 48 12 12 to make your appointments.

*****Then 1st March Cyfoes is supporting 2 Wish Upon a Star at their annual ‘Little Ball of Hope’ in the Mecure Hotel Cradiff, Tickets are now available, anyone is welcome, if you can come and support this wonderful charity and enjoy a fantastic evening please do. The choir I am part of ‘The Accidentals’ will be singing that night during the champagne reception. This is a fantastic choir set up by Mrs Ellie Wilson a staff nurse I worked with in A&E. We are a fun energetic choir who meet once a week in Creigiau. We sing an eclectic mix of music, I have made the most wonderful friends since joining and I would recommend it to everyone no matter how good you are at holding a note singing is definately good for the soul! If you are interested in knowing more they have a facebook page or you could contact me through and I will pass on your details.

******30/31st May 2014. In support of the above charity I have madly agreed to do the Wickets and Wheels bike ride this year, which is a charity ride from Miskin to Taunton 115miles. I am an absolute novice on the bike so my training over the coming months I’m sure will be entertainment to some and pain for me 🙂


To close…. My 1st Christmas and New Year off this year was lovely, to all my freinds working these shifts I did stop and think about you for…..a second or two and then poured another glass of red! No seriously I did think about it and it made me appreciate what I have achieved even more, I have been told on numerous occassions that I never seem stressed regardless of what is going on around me but I can assure you that’s not the case…after years of training and support from good friends in A&E I am now a swan….looks serene to most people as you float by  but paddling like mad beneath the water to stay afloat.

I will never forget where I came from, who I have worked with, freinds I have made but…. this year I will contine to look forward, setting my goals harder and higher and kicking my little legs as hard as I can to stay afloat .

I’m really thankful for all your support so far I hope you continue to support me on the rest of my journey x

What are you setting out to do in 2014??